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Unconditional income. Error tehnokommunistov

Not so long ago watched a video of one community tehnokommunistov where they spoke against unconditional income, maybe its introduction, in their opinion, undermines the possibility of a socialist revolution.

I do not fully agree with them and I would like to explain their mistake.

First, with what money the bourgeoisie will pay this income?

In 2014-2015, the budget of one of the leading European countries, Germany has turned positive. The budget surplus for the capitalist countries in general is not typical, but in recent years some countries have achieved positive metropolitan budget. Because of what happened? The answer is simple. Due to the further development of the productive forces, due to the technological progress.

For example, you buy a sausage and pay for it a certain amount, thanks to technical progress the manufacturer replaced the meat cheaper GMO soy, and added a variety of new chemical food substitutes, but not limited to the production of sausages has become more high-tech, almost all of the work makes the equipment, the manufacturer does not pay salary to employees , maybe they simply do not, but the cost of the sausage has not changed, despite cheaper production at times, and even dozens of times.

This reduction in the production cost not only occurred in the food industry, but also in the production of goods, clothes, building and so on.

metropolitan government sees it and levy additional taxes on producers. so citizens buying products, goods overpay for them, maybe the production of goods and commodities at the expense of technological progress requires a fraction of the cost. This overpayment government and monopoly producers divide among themselves. Producers receive excess profits, and the government imposes its additional taxes that go into the budget. Thus, due to technological progress, the development of the productive forces of a positive budget appears in the metropolitan capitalist countries.

Bourgeois metropolitan government: Germany, the USA, the UK able to find funds for the so-called unconditional income under general automation and robotics industry, trade and other sectors of the economy.

It may seem that the need for a socialist revolution will be gone, but it is not, maybe, absolute income – it is crumbs from the master’s table.

Already announced the first amount of the income. Finland has launched an experiment in 2017, two thousand citizens will be paid a basic income in the amount of 560 euros, which is equal to the sum of unemployment benefits. In Canada, a similar experiment promised to start in 2017 in a small state. In general, the amount of low and they are equal to unemployment benefits. On the benefit you can not create a family of unemployment, it is a very small amount of money, even in European countries, the person will have to live modestly. Man can not live a full life, to meet their biological needs for procreation, a family with children. It is, therefore, the world bourgeoisie in the last decade aggressively implants the idea of ​​equality of freedom in schools and other educational institutions. Young children who are still learning to read and write, is already talk about the freedom of the sexes, that a few years later, when the children become adults, they will be able to choose your gender: male or female. Not long ago, an American 9 year old boy said that he would like to change their sex, when I grow up, now it is completely self indentifitsiruet, as a girl, and behaves as a representative of female: wears a dress, long hair, and so on. Bourgeois government presented the freedom of the sexes, as an example of a full democracy, real freedom. In fact, true freedom – is economic freedom.

In capitalist countries, expensive medicine, education, public utility services and so on. The freedom of people under capitalism is limited to their wallet. If Americans do not have the money to go at university, it means that it is limited in its choice, it can not be called freedom. But the action of bourgeois rule can be called a crime, maybe they through schools propogandiruya freedom sexes, pursue their economic goals, breaking the psyche of children. First, a person must obtain economic freedom: free education, medicine, housing, the ability to continue the race, maybe it is a natural biological human need and, therefore, people should be in such material conditions, which could satisfy all kinds of needs of each person. The capitalists are not able to create such conditions. Only under socialism udoletvoryaet various needs of every member of society, maybe this is the basic economic law of socialism. For this reason, in the USSR citizens receive free education, housing and other social benefits not available in more than one capitalist country until now, despite the cheaper cost of housing, through the application of new technologies and so on.

And the capitalists in the further development of the productive forces of society do not become angels who have come up with an unconditional income for all citizens, and in a handful of thieves, parasites, who simply do not need society, their nature is convinced moshennecheskaya with each robot. If technical progress is able to replace the hired workers in many sectors of automation and robots economy, then the question arises: “Why should the capitalists” They unwanted leech, murderers and thugs, their place in the prison, they have no place in a high-tech society?. Even at those enterprises where more human labor is applied, all the administrative resources with the help of new technologies can be minimized.

The claim that the introduction of an unconditional income anti-revolutionary is not quite true. Yes, it will reduce social discontent, but the need for socialization of the means of production there is no place not disappear, but rather with each new robot will increase. Therefore, we should not agitate against it, and for the introduction of income, and to explain to people that it’s just pitiful handouts capitalists, crumbs from the master’s table, and under socialism people will get more benefits.

The nearest 30-50 years will disappear many professions, such as vendor, driver, prostitutes, guards and so on. Millions of people will be left without means of subsistence, so the introduction of the slogan of unconditional income is a revolutionary slogan, as his time was a revolutionary slogan of the workers on shorter working hours, and the absolute income in full may be made only under socialism. In a society in which all the means of production (enterprise) socialized, ie, belong to all people, there are tips and eliminated the capitalist class instead of the bourgeois parliaments parasites.