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Treatment wordpress site from viruses

In this article, we will restore access to hack wordpress site and fast forward the data on it. These actions can be done with the site on any engine, whether Joomla, Drupal and more.

When should I sound alarm?

When your site has been hacked, at best, you know it immediately, in the worst from him unbeknownst to you will send spam, the site will appear hidden links to other web sites and so on. To see how your site is indexed in google, type the following line with the name of the site:


If there will be recording with suspicious links to sites from various leftist Blackjack and so it is necessary to check if everything is in order with your website.

To check, use a special online scanners:




How to restore access to the admin, site hacked?

Go to the hosting in phpMyAdmin and open your database. Find a table wp_users. Open the table and find a place in it with an ID of 1, that is, the administrator. Next, select the column user_pass and change its contents in the $P$BLIwZyiB0J2XvUAsNyKQI1hyEMox0A0 – it encrypts passwords 12345. Then, delete the contents of the column user_activation_key.


After discovering their website and go to the administration panel using your username and password 12345. After entering your password on your change. For more information about other ways to restore access to the admin panel, you can read on the official website of the wordpress community in the article Password recovery

How to transfer data from a hacked site?

Suppose hacked site turned out to be littered with viruses so that the search and removal of malicious code, it may take a large amount of time. The way out of this situation is not to copy the contents of the infected, subsequent purification site directory and paste the copied material.

Go to the hosting in phpMyAdmin and open your database. Find wp_posts table and export it (Exporting rows from a table “wp_posts”) and save it on the desktop.


If you have cleared the full directory site and reinstall wordpress, then you must go to phpMyAdmin and open a new database, find wp_posts table and clean it. Next to import the table “wp_posts”, downloading a desktop wp_posts.sql

As soon as you go to your site, you’ll see it all the entries and pages. So we using phpMyAdmin transferred data from the infected site.