To the 100th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution

Today is November 7, 2017, the 100th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution.

And, as Lenin said, that there are only two parties that have been fighting for several millennia, it is the party of idealists and the party of materialists, so 100 years ago the party of materialists won.

The Bolsheviks distributed the land to the peasants. An old dream of the peasantry in Russia has come true. The Bolsheviks took control of the factories. The Bolsheviks nationalized the banks and created councils of workers and peasants. They did a lot for the peasants and a simple wage worker.

I feel stress for many years, because I can not provide myself with housing and permanent work. These material benefits are now inaccessible to many people. At my age of 27, I can not reach the high standard of living that my Soviet grandmother had.

My grandmother received free housing, free education, free medicine. In the Soviet Union there was no unemployment, since each person was provided with work due to the construction of new cities and enterprises. During the years of the USSR, 1,000 cities and hundreds of thousands of settlements, collective farms and enterprises were built.

2017 year. The full-fledged capitalist Russia, the descendants of the Soviet people, live in the richest Soviet housing stock so far, enterprises, hospitals built in the USSR still operate. Yes, hundreds of thousands of businesses were destroyed after Perestroika, tens of thousands of settlements were liquidated, but the descendants of the Soviet people still enjoy the benefits that were created under socialism in the USSR.

What do Americans know about the Soviet Union? About the Great October Socialist Revolution? They do not know anything. Americans do not know anything about the Soviet Union. False books in the libraries of Congress, written under the dictation of the CIA.

What should the Americans know about the Soviet Union?

The most important thing that Americans need to know about the Soviet Union is that the USSR was one-sixth of the land where people lived without a world market. The USSR is a country that lived without a world market and people were happy there. They had free medicine, received free housing, education, had free rest, they did not suffer from unemployment. They lived, not survived, as their descendants survive now.

And I believe that in the 21st century there will be countries and peoples that will live without a world market, without capitalism, and traitors and renegades of communism will be punished, such is history, such are the laws of the development of society.

Glory to Lenin and Stalin! Glory to the fighters for the freedom of mankind from capitalist slavery! Glory to the USSR!