The vulnerability of the Soviet state apparatus


Not so long ago I found the Icebreaker group on the Internet, who called themselves communists. In their program, pointed out the need to create a unitary Soviet state, and one video participant of this group talked about some of Stalin’s mistakes, in particular argued that the Soviet Union be a unitary state, the destruction of the Soviet Union could have been avoided. In full it is clear that some members of this group are nationalist prejudices, fundamentally do not understand the national question in Marxism and causes destruction of the USSR.

I came across many articles on the Internet about the causes of the destruction of the Soviet Union. Basically, the authors relied on laws adopted in the Soviet Union, which led to the restoration of capitalism and called the adoption of these laws properly. In fact, when the Ministry is developing legislation aimed at the restoration of capitalism, and the deputies of the Supreme Council during the session take these laws, it is silly to call errors. It is obvious that kontrevolyutsionnye forces invaded the Soviet government and all possible Ministry, as well as the top party, parliamentary seats in the Supreme Council. Does something like this before going on? Yes, there was an example of what kontrevolyutsionnye plots in the late 40’s and early 50’s in Hungary, Albania, Romania and Bulgaria, while the conspirators in the government were exposed and judged.

The famous court case took place in Hungary in 1948, then was exposed kontrevolyutsionnaya network of conspirators on trial was the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Reich, as well as a group of high-ranking officials in the government. As it turned out, the American and the British government created in Yugoslavia Center kontrevolyutsioonnoy espionage activities aimed at the restoration of capitalism and the failure of the construction of socialism in Eastern Europe, namely, then was exposed Tito, have been exposed his crimes during the Second World War. In 1949, Yugoslavia was completely restored capitalism, plants were sold, exported valuable resources abroad by US companies, and Tito, crack down on the Communists received the stigma of Nazi executioner. Yugoslavia was the first capitalist country where under the guise of socialists and communists were hiding the real executioners of the working people, to rip off three skins with workers and organize the camp for real Communists. Capitalist relations of these renegades of communism called specific Yugoslav socialism.

Kontrevolyutsionny conspiracy in the USSR

In October 1952 he passed the 19th Party Congress in which, inter alia, the decision was made on processing program of the party, maybe the current adopted in 1919, is outdated. The commission processing program includes: Stalin, Beria, Kaganovich, Molotov, Malenkov, Kuusenin, Pospelov, Rumyantsev, Saburov, garlic, Yudin. Stalin died in March 1953, Beria was executed conspirators, Molotov and Kaganovich were completely removed from power, and a new program was drawn up a few years after the 20 Congress of the CPSU, the final version was edited and adopted by Khrushchev in 1961. The new program for the transition to communism came Zinoviev’s position on the peaceful transition to socialism in capitalist countries, much attention was paid to cooperation, although Lenin’s co-operation was needed for the transition to socialism and in its time was developed to backward sections of the peasantry could get used to the collective labor as required under socialism.

By the end of 50 years of the conspirators and their followers have been completely captured by the imperial place in the USSR. Nikita Khrushchev had left their mark wherever possible: he was the last one attended Stalin’s office, which is a few hours later he died at his dacha, he was the last person who edited the third program of the CPSU, which included various Zinovievites kapitulyanskie provisions defeated Stalin still in late 20’s. All this is a historical fact. Already in 2000 a famous ideologist of perestroika Yakovlev, who by the way was involved in the development of the new Constitution of 1977, wrote in his memoirs that in 50 years there was a group of senior officials concerned in the restructuring of society, due to the action of these individuals during the Khrushchev thaw was called.
I suppose that the return of the Crimea Ukrainian Khrushchev was also done for a reason, as well as the construction of pipelines to Europe. Tito, Khrushchev, and so on. It’s pathetic agents of world imperialism. Admire where Yugoslavia now? This state no longer exists, as the Soviet Union. Capitalist Ukraine war with Russia over the territories, and 60% of the revenue deficit budget capitalist Russia – is the sale of oil and gas to Europe, when the Soviet Union was the world, and 85% of the budget revenues were from socialist enterprises.

In 1984, the new composition of the Supreme Council was elected under Brezhnev, which included MPs, which further endorses all the criminal laws of the Gorbachev government restructuring. In the early 90’s in the Soviet Union it was completely restored capitalism, the country ceased to suschestovanie and was divided into separate capitalist countries between the national bourgeoisie of the former Soviet republics that emerged and gained strength in the restructuring.

It should be a mass workers’ involvement in government, thanks to the reduction of working hours and so on.

As long as the state exists, and it is bound to wither away under communism, the majority of workers should be involved in the matter of governance, and it is quite possible with the modern technologies in the conditions of general automation and robotics.
The Perestroika Soviet government issued a series of laws that lead to the restoration of capitalism, which were approved by deputies of the Supreme Council during the parliamentary session. Then the mass participation of the workers during the Supreme Council session was limited to technical capabilities, as well as the length of the working day, which is not decreased, despite the decision of the program of the RCP in 1919 on the need to reduce the workday to 6 hours and 2 hours of time dedicate training of government affairs . Today, automation and robotics can reduce working hours at times, but it frees people from many professions. Free time people can devote to family, education, science and state administration.

Due to technical progress and the growth of productivity forces people will be replaced by robots in different sectors of the economy. This substitution is uneven, in the transport sector of the replacement will be faster, for example, vehicles without drivers. People who lost their jobs will live on welfare, which should be sufficient to satisfy all human needs. Until now, in the modern world, people work more than 8 hours a day. Because of the automation of working time should be reduced to 4 hours while maintaining the high payment for work. This will reduce the unemployment rate, for example, if the seller or the manager previously worked for 8 hours, now it will work for 4 hours at payment for conservation work as a full day, which will employ two people.
To reduce the operating time up to 6 hours intended 100 years ago, there was no computers and robots. An hour of free time a person must spend learning management of the state, and then to vote via the Internet during the parliamentary sessions of the Supreme Council, which took place in the USSR 2 times a year for 3-7 days. During the session of the Supreme Council of the majority of working people have to devote the vote, all the conditions must be created for this purpose: weekends and shorter working hours. This vote on the adoption of the law should be open to everyone to know who and what vote.
Using a computer, a person can be connected during a session of the Supreme Council to the Internet and go to the site, which will host an open vote on the adoption of various laws. Originally intended to give each person the right to a deliberative vote. After passing educational courses, training, every citizen will have the right to vote.
election system of deputies – deputies will continue, but with the growth of culture, education of citizens and the further growth of the productive forces will be possible to get away from the deliberative vote, preserving them for the pupils and students, and all other citizens to extend the right to vote.
This practice of mass involvement of workers in the administration of the state in the future should be extended not only to the session of the Supreme Council, but also at the session of the regional and city councils.

Socialist inviolability of the territories – their economic and cultural autonomy.

In the future, as the growth of the productive forces and the territory of the regions to be economically independent, residents will be able to resolve all issues on their own without the participation of the federal government and the Union. Territory will be self-governing, so no longer needed in the state and humanity will go from socialism to communism.


In the USSR, the Moscow Soviet was in 1000 deputies. In Putin’s Russia the number of capitalist Moscow Duma deputies is 40. I watched the meeting of the Council on the old video is huge rooms with lots of people, I could not believe my eyes. Today, with the internet there is no need to collect a large number of people in one place. Max, for example, fit in the stadium of 40 thousand people.

Take a small town numbering 220 thousand people, of which 185 000 voters a person, it is necessary that the majority of voters to actively participate in the affairs of governance and have a casting vote in open voting during parliamentary sessions.

In the Soviet Union Supreme Council session held 2 times a year and lasted from 3 to 7 days. Under the Constitution, the deputies voted for this or other laws, which are developed by the Ministry in advance. Kontrevolyutsionnye force the government managed to spend a number of laws that lead to the restoration of capitalism, maybe, deputies and heads of the party also were kontrevolyutsii hands. Deputies took these criminal laws.

So let all the workers and the unemployed, all the citizens go to the damn session, on which depends the fate of hundreds of millions of people in the world, the fate of all mankind. Then each will be responsible for all the adopted laws, and none kontrevolyutsiya not find the strength to enslave people, to revive the damned capitalism.