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Freelancer from Siberia. Part 5. Last. About workflow automation on the Internet. About the difference of income.

Less than 100 years ago, where I live, there was a continuous forest. After 1945 there began the construction of the village, which already in 1951 was granted city status. According to statistics, in 2000 the city had a population of about 264,000 people, and was reduced to 226,000 as of 2016, that is more than 40 thousand people.

From the city leave and the reasons for this are many, the most important reason – a lack of work. New jobs are not created, the old businesses are closed or operating at reduced capacity. The emergence of new shopping centers can not be considered an increase in jobs, maybe they were due to the closure of small shops and stalls, and the ruin of small entrepreneurs who are unable to resist monopolies – a major trading networks. Unemployment is not only preserved, it increases.

There is a further development of the productive forces, although not as rapidly as it was in the USSR. One of the major victories of the Soviet proletariat – is the elimination of unemployment. Technological advances have occurred without serious consequences for society because the basic law of socialism – this is the maximum satisfaction of the needs of every member of society. The basic law of capitalism – is to get the maximum profit. people do not live in a capitalist society, and survive. The descendants of the peoples of the winners of capitalism and fascism today leave the country and go to Western Europe, the United States, to sell their labor to the capitalists expensive. Life is there to some may seem like paradise. wage ratio to the rental value of the property is equal to 1 to 3, 1 to 4, but 1 to 2 or 1 to 1, as in Russia, when a man with a good salary of 20 thousand rubles forced to give half their earnings for rent cheap studio apartment in the province .

According to the stories of my grandmother in the late fifties, she came to the city, having worked all his life in one of the core enterprises. Earlier in the enterprise department worked 50-signalers, but now there is a fully automatic, which does all the work. The world’s first auto companies, factories, machines were created in the USSR at the beginning of the fifties yet. To quote the textbook Political Economy in 1954: “In the Soviet Union created the world’s first automatic plant for the production of pistons for automobile engines, in which all processes from raw material supply and to packaging of finished products, are fully automated. The plant is served by only a few employees. Such plants are the prototype of the technology of a communist society. ”

Today, automation has affected almost every industry, including work on the Internet.

Once the development of sites was very expensive work. Approximately, 2004 a large number of engines sites appeared in the world. Since 2011, there are various constructors Builder engines for sites that allow you to create virtually any design. The crisis of overproduction in the web industry was not so bad in 2016, as the fall of the payment capacity of the population. Today, the authors of templates for engines sites can create a large number of designs using the constructors, there is the most number of competing designs in the pattern on the special websites designed templates for sale. The decline in the payment capacity occurred due to the crisis of overproduction in other industries, for example, due to an excess of oil produced and the fall in oil prices, which led to the closure of mining companies, it has affected the construction and other industries.

The victory of the socialist revolution of 1917 – is primarily a victory of the industrial proletariat. With the collapse of the Soviet Union a large number of enterprises have been closed. Today the proletariat is forced out of production, not only due to the closure of factories, but also because of the further automation of production at the remaining plants. Apply for a job in the city-forming enterprise is almost impossible, maybe, jobs are distributed there by kinship or acquaintance. A large number of the proletariat – wage workers are now working in the trade and services sectors.

I have not found a job in the city, trying to freelance at home freelance sites, but because of the low wages there, I had to look for work in Irkutsk, where I was tried in the last work, trying to prove that worked. Unable to find work in the offline, I again began to look for a job online, that is the Internet. So I started freelancing in overseas freelancing sites, this is what I want to write more.

Initially, in 2014 I was already registered on all popular overseas freelancing sites where looking for a job in the section on the site engine, Virus Removal, promotion in search engines, maybe I did not have knowledge of programming languages.

At the end of the winter in one of the most popular website templates and designs sales was posted news that invite wishing to test new freelance exchanges. The creators of the site have decided to direct customers who need help with the purchased goods: templates, logos, plug in your freelancing Exchange. Then I sent the request. Already at the beginning of the summer, I received an email that the test began. I got my first order, made it, but the order was canceled. It turns out that it was necessary to say something, otherwise after a few hours of waiting, it was regarded as a lack of a freelancer, and the order was canceled. The second time was the same as I wrote to tech support, and I was told that I was removed from the test. In September, I received a letter that testing is over, the stock exchange has opened its doors to everyone, and I began to receive orders.

Despite the fact that the first month’s salary on a foreign freelancing I was 8 thousand rubles, I continued to work there, maybe, I was disappointed work offline, yes, and I simply had no choice other work was not. On the last working offline in August, they deceived me, without paying money. With earnings on freelancing, I decided to seek justice through the courts. I pleaded for a year to prove that I worked there, but lost all the courts. For me it was a great shock, maybe always told at school, university students that all people are equal before the law, and I could not even imagine that I could not prove the elementary fact of work, although I interacted all week with a large number of people . Above me a laugh and make fun of: the judge refused to call even any witnesses, review of evidence, and the judge’s secretary laugh with the lawyer of the company directly to the court.

These budget leeches instead of punishing offenders, looking for abnormalities in me, asking the court questions about my work, maybe walking through the courts – it’s expensive, a simple man, working offline is simply not able to find time even to write statement. My attempts to earn their food, creating web sites, can not be called a crime. In 2013, due to the increase of mandatory pension contributions to almost 40 thousand a year more than 500 thousand entrepreneurs do not have hired workers, were closed, including myself. In 2013 I registered as an entrepreneur, but six months later liquidated, maybe there were not any orders. I ate ate paid for the last six months with the Pension Fund, taking some money from his grandmother’s centennial. Bourgeois law requires everyone who provides services to more than two times a year, in addition to registered employers and taxes to pay pension contributions, otherwise man faces an administrative fine of 500 rubles. Criminal responsibility begins at the non-payment of the sum of 1.8 million rubles in taxes. I do not even like there was no revenue. But the company’s lawyer submitted to the court a statement of gray wages, so wages (Note: The salary consists of salary and northern allowances) managers was 8 thousand rubles, but in fact they received more than 50 thousand rubles per month, that is, such a high salary was specified in ads. Grey salary was all employees. Given that the retail chain has a large number of branches in other regions, the amount of tax evasion is more than 10 million rubles a year. Is this the courts and prosecutors know? They not only know, maybe themselves once had a five-year work experience in companies, but also actively cover the capitalist criminals and protect them from attacks by hired workers. This is the essence of bourgeois justice.

Is it possible to name successful entrepreneurs who created their own business due to the destroyed trade and industry in the USSR?

Is it possible to name successful young people who have a salary of 20-30 thousand rubles a month, and spend it on food and rest, maybe, housing, work and the machine they have provided their parents?

Is it possible to name successful Russian, Hindu, Nepalese and other freelancers working for low wages, unattractive for Americans and Europeans? No, you can not, it’s your kind of strike-breaking today. Europeans or Americans should be happy just one thing: the income below the unemployment benefit, which gets an American or European in the event of job loss. So on one popular American freelance site, I saw a whole army of Indians willing to work for $ 5 more, I did not go there, maybe I realized that can not stand competition.

One of the reasons for which the freelance exchange captivated people from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Ukraine and Russia – a low wages for European and American standards. My average salary was lower than benefits in the US unemployment rate, that is, less than one thousand dollars per month, and if it is more, it is a rare exception. (Note: the average value of the dollar in 2016 was 60 rubles). Salary 40-50 thousand rubles – is the salary of hired managers and heads of medium-sized companies. Ordinary workers are 2-3 times smaller. Executives at some corporations have salaries of more than 100 thousand rubles per month. An amount of 40 thousand rubles monthly income in Russia is a good salary in the US is the amount equal to 40 thousand rubles, less than the unemployment benefit in that country. Given that the US is cheaper electronics, clothing, cars, almost 2 times, the alignment of prices for products because of recent price increases in Russia, the emergence of inexpensive mobile housing – all this makes the US an attractive country for wage laborers working in and trade services, forced out of production automation. The salaries of hired workers in the US is ten times higher than in the CIS countries. So one annual salary of highly skilled workers in the public sector equals the annual salary of 10 employees in Russia. The monthly employee earnings in the United States is equal to the annual earnings in Russia.

Despite the fact that Russia is one of the main exporters of oil and gas in the world, the wages of hired workers are among the lowest. For example, in Saudi Arabia, the salary of workers up a few thousand dollars, the same as in other oil Arab Republic. Hundreds of thousands of people are killed today in the Syrian-Arab conflict due to the fact that the capitalist barbarians divided the European purse.

It could be said that all the victims of the conflict in vain and pointless, maybe, the country’s metropolitan transferred his energy on solar power, but it is not, these sacrifices do not leave the right to the existence of capitalism. Metropolis building solar power plants, not because capitalists want a reasonable and humane treatment of man and nature, but because it suits them. Due to the benefits of the capitalists create entire social movement for the development of solar energy as one of the virtues of this movement, Bill Gates deserves to go to the electric chair for his crimes against humanity. He created the operating system keeps track of every action of man on the computer and sends the data to the server-governmental organizations. Such surveillance is a crime against every person on Earth, maybe it violates democratic rights: the right to privacy of correspondence and personal privacy. All the freedoms and human rights are trampled in the interests of the capitalist barbarians, terrified of the future socialist revolutions and future retribution for their crimes against humanity.

Working through the internet at freelance exchange, the creators of which live in another hemisphere, I touch the future. Since the growth of the productive forces and technological advances blur the boundaries of states. In the future, people simply will be forced out of the Offline further automation of work processes, maybe every possible job can perform the robots. Users will also be engaged in creativity and science, will prolong your life, get rid of many diseases. Mankind will rise to a higher level of development.

Already on the experience of the Soviet Union, the people of the world know how to eliminate unemployment, crises of overproduction, man by man operation. Socialist society is based on the socialization of the means of production, it has brought unprecedented in the history of the peoples of the good of humanity: free medical care, free education, free housing, free holidays, etc., unseen in any capitalist country, so far. The restoration of the capitalist relations of agents of the world bourgeoisie has led to utter poverty and extinction of the former Soviet nations.

Today, capitalism is left of the right to the existence of this right taken away, not only because of the crimes against humanity of the capitalists, but also the growth of the productive forces and technological progress. The task of the peoples of the world to bury this shameful and obsolete piece of history, created mass backwardness and exploitation of one people by another.