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Freelancer for socialism. Part 1. How I became a freelancer

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How I became a freelancer? A little biography.
Price entry into foreign freelance sites.
What is a freelancer?
Why a freelancer for socialism?
– Low level of life under capitalism.
– Parents of tuning.
– Rich Soviet grandmother.
– Myths of the Soviet Union.
– Impoverished youth

How I became a freelancer? A little biography.

I was born in small town near Irkutsk, Angarsk. Once in the USSR Angarsk was the largest growing industrial city. After the collapse of the Soviet Union the city touched the fate of thousands of other industrial cities. The population is only for 2015 fell by more than 2 thousand people. Nearby stands the town of Usolye-Siberian turns into a ghost town. Because of the plant closures in the last 20 years the population has decreased by almost a third.

My mother wanted me to study in a good school. The mathematical school №10 I somehow did not take, but it took 27 school with a bias of English, where I studied mainly the children of wealthy parents. More than half of my classmates left home Angarsk and left for Moscow, St. Petersburg and other large cities.

At the beginning of the 9th grade he transferred to the lyceum №1. After Humanities Lyceum №1 I entered free of charge to the local academy now received university status, Angarsk State Technical University with a degree in urban development and agriculture. I would like to connect his life with the construction, because everywhere I saw destruction. I naively thought that the construction will continue, and all employers are just waiting for me.

I remember that the doctor for a long time did not want to give me a medical certificate, permission to enter university in this specialty, dissuaded me because of my poor eyesight, but I am stubborn and insisted, maybe did not see myself at that time than in any other specialty. I mistakenly thought that if, for example, to learn the specialty associated with the computer, I will continue to work hard in the computer.

I had more opportunities to the humanities than to technical, at school, I had four in mathematics, geometry, sometimes in Russian, and in other subjects five. Now I can explain why I feel better given the humanities, the answer is simple, in the first grade I had a healthy 100% vision, but with class 2, it began to fall, so looking at the mathematical formulas and equations, cost me a certain voltage, I could do do not see, and this slows down the process of rapid learning.

After the first course passed the exam again and tried to go to ISU on the international faculty, but I did not have enough points. As I was assured that they have a long waiting list of interested persons, some of whom went to Moscow, but if there is no will, then these guys are happy to take on this faculty, so I with my 70 balls they do not need the Russian language.

I transferred in his high school on specialty industrial and civil construction, but at the end of the fourth year took ill and academic. In September, I was not allowed to leave the academy, so I transferred to the Irkutsk State Technical University, but there after the winter session expelled me, maybe there was a big difference in things, and some things I will not count. So I lost a budget place, and was forced to look for a job. Among other jobs, I had to try yourself as a freelancer. First, I learned Russian freelance sites, watched what work is required and studied on various articles and video tutorials. Earnings were very small.

Domestic freelancing did not suit me, and I began to look for work offline again. On the last working deceived me, not paying on time and without giving labor. I appealed to the Labour Inspectorate, where I was told that the company request the Labour Inspectorate stated that this employee did not have, and was advised to settle the dispute in court.

At that moment, I began to try himself in the foreign freelance sites, and had a small income, so I decided to try to prove in court the elementary thing that I worked. I spent a lot of time, money to travel to Irkutsk, but lost all the courts over the years. For me it was important that the court, maybe, before I worked for a content manager in the retail network, where I was also cheated, paying for two weeks of work just two thousand, maybe, in the contract was set salary of 4 thousand rubles, although I agree to a salary 20 thousand rubles per month.

With earnings on freelancing, I enrolled in a local university majoring yuristprudentsiya on correspondence courses, but after I lost all the courts, and raised tuition fees, I rather than to pay for his studies, bought ohotnichё gun as I realized that I have no rights, in which case no court will protect me.

So I finally became a freelancer, freelance devoting all his time. I want to tell you why doing freelancing, I choose socialism.

By and large, a freelancer can be called any person who makes using a computer. On the foreign freelance sites there is a lot of competition, maybe they all want to earn dollars, because the local currency is depreciating in crisis times.

Price entry into foreign freelance sites.

Do not think that in the foreign freelance websites dollars will pour in your pocket. In most cases, customers are offered a small amount of the large amount of work.

On even the money builds up a long line of performers from India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Ukraine and other countries. The fact that the Americans, accustomed to earning a few thousand dollars a month, not forced to work for $ 50. But over the $ 50 per month ready to compete freelancers from India, Bangladesh and other southern countries. Even the Russian, who lives in Siberia, will not work for this amount, maybe he needs money to buy warm clothes, uses a lot of resources on food.
Southerners such costs simply do not have, so southerners jostle other freelancers, knocking the price.

As you can see in the foreign freelance sites high level of competition, but that competition would be even greater if it had not closed the Internet in China. I think that the Chinese would have completely replaced the Russian, Ukrainians and other freelancers from Eastern Europe for many types of work.

What is a freelancer?

Freelancer – this is an ordinary worker in this wild capitalist world, not knowing whether to work at all tomorrow. Freelancer, having no orders, forced to seek work in offline or online to create products: video courses, books, plug-ins, modules, layouts, logos and so on. But even there it is waiting for the high competition, maybe crises of overproduction is common in capitalism.

Freelancer, having no work, has a high risk of dying of hunger. Despite the fact that the freelancer owns the means of production – the computer, it does not improve its economic situation, it is even more vulnerable to the spontaneity of capitalism than the ordinary worker.

To be precise in the definition, then a freelancer – is the petty bourgeoisie, semi-proletarian. It is an ally of the proletariat in the struggle for socialism.

Why a freelancer for socialism?

Low level of life under capitalism.

At the end of 2015 protests truckers began in connection with the new taxes and levies. The only thing achieved protesters, so the decrease amount of the fine, the protest was merged, maybe proletarians and semi-private organizations do not have trailing behind the bourgeoisie. Very strong views More economism when workers do not see the true causes of what is happening and only require economic concessions. Very strong illusion that the economic situation of people under capitalism improve. So some workers think that in the West: in the US, Germany, France, Sweden, some developed capitalism, maybe there is a high level of life, than in Russia, and Ukraine. For the same job are paid more, and the prices of household appliances, prodovlstvie almost identical. Yes, it is, but if it was good, it would have been the workers to strike? If the citizen’s of the former Soviet Union robbed to the bone, bound them in bondage and chains of poverty by lowering their standard of living to the level of countries of raw colonies, it does not mean that capitalism in the West has become more developed. The standard of living in the metropolis has always been higher than in raw colonies.

Ask yourself, where higher standards of living? In Russia, where to buy a two-room apartment with a salary of 20 thousand rubles per month, you will save money for life? In the United States, Germany, England, you will need to accumulate a minimum of 10 years and more. Or, in the USSR, where you would get an apartment for free?

Parents of tuning.

From my parents to hear about the Soviet Union only bad because the youth were spent in restructuring in the late 80s. During unprecedented in human history of plunder of the working people corrupt traitors, enemies of the people and the bourgeoisie novoicpechёnnoy.

Rich Soviet grandmother.

My own maternal grandmother born in 1928 youth held under Stalin. At 21, she gave birth to a son, and her husband had a two bedroom apartment, cottage free of charge. FREE went every year in the sanatorium, she found the annual price decline under Stalin. Labour man was provided with everything necessary.

Myths of the Soviet Union.

Some dark and downtrodden life people believe that in the Soviet Union, people lived like in prison, there was a shortage of food, which could fly into space, but to starve to death. This is of course a lie. Reprove this vile slander is very simple. Love, for example, schoolchildren now poison that in Rossyiskoy Empire live better than in the Soviet Union, even the food was more in fact occurred during the reign of constant hunger riots and people dying of hunger periodically. Ask yourself what you faster and better cultivated fields of wheat? Tsarist or Soviet plow tractor-harvester?

The most vile slander about Stalin and the Soviet Union is a lie of the millions of people executed under Stalin. People today zombiruet with the help of television and the media, suggesting that Stalin killed ordinary workers, was brutal dictator Stalin – is the killer of ordinary citizens. My parents of tuning believe in it because they love watching television. At the word “Stalin” that the mother that the father, despite the fact that they have long been divorced and do not live together, almost from the foam of the mouth does not come out with anger and nenavesti. And it pohlesche experience with a dog Pavlov. They do not want to understand, as it was in fact, despite the fact that the housing they helped their parents are rich, Soviet, and education they have received for free. And their children are very poor and are unable to provide themselves with housing. One father complained that not wait grandchildren, maybe all of his four children: two in the Urals, two men living in the same town with him, do not have children.

These parents are pensioners of tuning, but they are still working to improve the economic situation of their children: they pay for their studies and so on. These people do not realize the handicap today’s economy, the anarchy of production, capitalism. Slaves are not aware of the shame of their slavery. They live in the illusion that their economic situation will improve.

It perestroika generation is very defective and wrong, but still flawed their children who do not have rich parents Soviet.

beggar youth

Once, my grandmother went to visit a neighbor, with whom his mother, my grandmother was friends. In conversation he boasted that his son, who took a job his mother, receives a salary of 40 thousand rubles. He himself wants to give his son a hundred thousand on the car, and in general everything in life goes well. But he forgot to say that it is now well secured only expense of the rich Soviet parents, from whom he inherited the apartment, and that if it was not his wife, it is unlikely to be the son of working for the good work.

I can say that the economic situation of today’s youth is very defective. Nestle them to work expense of the parents, the parents they buy apartments, cars and so on, maybe the damages themselves on what not capable of their starvation wages. It can not even be called a success. It’s a shame. There are many people who do not have wealthy parents, single-parent families and so on, so people have to look for work, to buy houses. It is very difficult in terms of unemployment and poverty wages. Russian third of the population and do not even get 20 thousand rubles per month.

I can name a unit of people who live on their own, so one of my friends with good physical danymi remained to serve in the army and went on increasing. To start a family, giving birth to a child while living in the service apartment renovated, it feels uncomfortable even with a salary of 40 thousand rubles.

For example, I live in my grandmother’s century-Soviet, despite the fact that sometimes on freelancing, I was able to earn good. It still was a mere penny, which does not buy property itself.


A foreign freelance market is open and there is a high competition. Southerners in the bulk of the Indians displaced northerners, maybe, they are willing to work for lower wages. Among other things, the entire capitalist world is shaken by crises of overproduction. Falling real incomes of workers tresёt Internet industry. At any time you can get under the sanctions, as it did with freelancers from the Crimea, which blocked the access and froze payments, maybe they live in Crimea.

Kapitalistchiesky world market chaos and anarchy of production make themselves felt. This is not conquered the elements, like fire, which turns to ashes all living things in its path, the element that destroys humanity in war for the redivision of markets and territories, leaving no choice of humanity, how to conquer the elements. Anarchic capitalist production which is the result of poverty, unemployment and ruthless eksplutatatsiya man by man, to make a planned socialist when the factories are owned by the workers, those who work, and with the help of the Soviets of Workers’ Deputies will be the management and distribution of public property.

Human labor, fight every second for socialism as taught by VI Lenin and Stalin.
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