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Freelancer for socialism. Part 2. The crisis of overproduction

The crisis of overproduction in the Web industry.

When I first started doing freelance, I realized that this is sheer heck, then wanted to become a developer or Web Templates designs.

Complexity of work owing to the volatility of orders very long expectation when the customer will work. Sometimes I might one day earn as much as people in Russia earn per month, but then sit a whole month without orders. Been the case when I had to wait a few months, when the customer will take the job, though it was done for the day. Template designers have a case. They can create a month, and then put it on sale and receive regular income. Average per month, I was able to earn a freelancing as much as you can earn from selling the template 20 times. Some authors have done over 20 sales per day, so I thought the transition from freelance developers perspective. Despite the fact that already a year ago, I noticed the negative trend on the market, I was full of hope and set to create your template for popular engine WordPress.

In the summer of 2015, I noticed that there are more popping up templates with multiple designs of master pages. Then there are the author in order to increase the sale creates no templates with one design, with more, and of course it is cheaper at times work developer. Instead of one template, it makes ten designs and includes them in your template, and sells for the price of one template.

Top 5 sales on the site occupied just did a lot of page templates with different design. The exception was the theme at the first place, but already in the beginning of autumn topogo template developers did order 20 new designs.

Then I've realized that you need to develop your template as soon as possible, and it must be with lots of designs. But how can people who do not have experience, not a Web programmer and a Web Designer to make many beautiful web designs? No, of course it will, like a beginner in the gym, has decided to immediately lift a 100 kg barbell.

In August 2016 year I sent my template, but a month later was refused due to poor quality. To admit that increased quality requirements. August first playground imposed restrictions for sending templates. New authors are now able to send only one template, elite five. To become an elite needed to earn more than 75 thousand dollars. Most authors became elite, thanks to the sale of several templates.

In addition to the increase in the prices of licenses for plugins that authors use in their developments in September imposed a policy of free prices. And some authors have become dumping prices. One author, for example, lowered the price for the new template with mult′idizajnami in 3 times and for 2 days received income as if he sold standard template costs 30 times, that was a good result. Some authors began to reset the price to $ 13 for the templates, which stopped buying, while earning only 1 dollar òê remaining 12; was a consumer tax. Note that this is a very good templates authors to create them have spent a lot of time and is now in the context of the general crisis of overproduction give their works almost for free. Anyone who wishes to sponsor a thousand times to think about whether or not generally invest in development, the purchase of licenses could leave the order of 1000 dollars, and the sale price may be just a few dollars, that certainly does not pay for itself.

Some accuse pad in low sales, actually to blame for the crisis of overproduction, as a consequence of the capitalist mode of production.

The crisis of overproduction in the oil and gas industry.

The general crisis of overproduction covers every year more and more industry.

In the year 2014 there was a glut of oil, resulting in the price of oil fell in 2 times. In order not to lose the European buyers, and selling oil and gas they produce more than half the country's budget, the Russian ruble depreciated capitalists 2 times against the euro and the dollar. European countries and corporations have gotten for the same price in 2 times more resources, oil and gas. Such marginal Russian bourgeoisie's policy is aimed at preserving the European buyer, leads to the development of new deposits of Europeans unprofitable when oil you can buy almost free Russian capitalists.

2017 year will bring further suffering to the working people of Russia: rising prices will continue and impoverishment of workers. Since January 200 ruble will be introduced and 2000 thousands of banknotes. In practice, it means that the 100 ruble and thousands of bills already much money can't buy. Over the past two years, wages have depreciated nearly 2 times, in times of increased food prices, only buckwheat rose by more than 5-6 times, 2-3 times increased prices on appliances, cell phones and computers and other goods.

Crises of overproduction, told us neither in school nor in the universities, nor on television etc, but these crises are visible to the naked eye. Crises of overproduction deprive millions of people of work, means of livelihood, devalues the work of people. I ask myself: "why live? When it is possible to live differently, and the Soviet Union, in which there was no unemployment, crisis of overproduction, exploitation, example "