Pskov schoolchildren killed in the assault?

I would like to discuss three questions relating to the tragedy of the Pskov schoolchildren.
The first question to ask yourself some videoblogery: “Could kill himself with a pistol students’ Of course not, maybe with a traumatic gun nevozozhmno yourself or anyone to kill?.
The second question is: “Does the students were armed at the time of the assault?”
And the third question: “When two shots were made”

Let’s start with the first question. Traumatic TT pistol was discontinued a few years ago, maybe, the model failed to win the market. Traumatic cartridge 10 caliber 9 was weaker than that of course. In the broadcast video guys again ,, confirmed that the purchase of a gun – it’s a waste of time. The video shows that the girl shot on TV, but the TV screen is not even broken, only formed a small vmyatenka. Odnaznachno that with this pitsoleta nevozozhmno not kill himself or anyone else.

We now turn to the second question: “Do the students were armed at the time of the assault?”
Let’s see the video broadcast, saying that the schoolchildren. They say they have handed over all weapons and knives, throwing them through the window of his parents.

The most important thing that we can see from the broadcast – is the lack of motive to commit suicide. Students say they are not going to kill myself, maybe already realized that this is not an option.

The official version, voiced in the program lead to Kiselyov, it was said that students thrown out of the window a weapon and a pistol, but one thing they have left the gun.
Then it is logical there is a third question: “When two shots were made,” and it seems to me, the investigation will not be able to answer this question, maybe, these shots were not?. They could not be, maybe, the students themselves said they surrendered all the weapons and special forces are aware of this.

And really want to hope to relatives of those killed and the courage naralis soon clarified the situation of the whole society, and talked about how it was in reality.

I filled video a few hours ago, but after a couple of hours there suddenly the sound was gone, so I decided to write this article.