Through the century, Lenin's voice resounds loudly: "the proletariat no fatherland"

"War is not a fluke, not a" sin "as people think Christian priests (preaching patriotism, humanity and the world is no worse than opportunists) and unavoidable stage of capitalism, just as legitimate a form of capitalist life, how and world."

"Next. Lenin goes to the definition of "fatherland" with a socialist perspective.

This concept clearly and precisely defined "the Communist Manifesto" in brilliant pages that were checked and entirely justified by experience. Lenin reads a passage from "the Communist Manifesto", in which the concept of Homeland is considered as a historical category, conforms to the development of society at a certain stage and then becoming redundant. The proletariat cannot love what he does not have. The proletariat have no fatherland. "

V.i. Lenin. Volume 26. SUMMARY on the topic "the PROLETARIAT and war 1 (14) October, 1914.

After reviewing transcripts Kurginâna, I found the following.
Conflict between the bourgeoisie and for redistribution of the world markets, a substitute for conflict between nation-States and globalism. Agitating for support of the national bourgeoisie in the face of a new world war or new military conflicts. Reminded me of Andreev from CFS. To the question what's sobesednika"Pri ohranitel′stvo? Is the preservation of the State"
response of the classics of Marxism-Leninism, "proletariat no fatherland" =)

Interviewee: Yup, this nonsense with "proletariat homeland net"my saw during World War II When the German proletarians. "homeland" to death the proletariat of Russia fought not with "fatherland".

Answer: the USSR then socialist State and fašistkaâ Germany-capitalist. Fascism is an open terrorist dictatorship of the bourgeoisie against the working people. Among the proletariat under capitalism there is no fatherland, and under socialism workers fatherland is, because everything belongs to them: and the means of production, and plants, and the army, and the Earth, and everything belongs to the city and everything is done for the workers, the Government is working, and not from a pathetic handful èksplutatorov capitalists who oppress and suppress the workers in a capitalist state.

Interviewee: you what? Some workers died "for ideological Great Germany", other ideological for the great SOVIET UNION, when what's ramblings about "proletarians have no fatherland"?

Answer: Soviet soldiers died for the USSR, for socialism, Stalin and Lenin, for their Homeland, where they owned everything: the means of production and the land, and forests, and subsoil, and the authorities-tips, and collective farms, factories, etc. A German soldier was a toy in the hands of capitalists, cattle, which were forced to kill other workers fear starvation.

Interviewee: Yes enough silly running about a German soldier toys in the hands of the imperialists. Fascism idea attractive. And there were ideological German proletarians, sžigavšie our village. As well as right now in Ukraine banderovskie ideas proletarians tourniquet Odessa proletarians.

Answer: this is a struggle against capitalist workers. They natravlâût working on each other. They make some working to kill others, accusing those in all troubles. In his proletaree brother cheated work sees the source of all misery. Illustrative example-pogroms migrant markets nationalists. They are going to destroy migrants, do not understand the true cause of origin of unemployment, poverty and so on, because they were deceived. Capitalists told them: "look, this migrant selected you have a job and even commit crimes on" your "Earth. You are a great nation, go and deal with it. Show who's in charge on this earth. "but only that the couple working nothing belongs. Even his measly piece of land can at any time select monopolist. And he may at any time lose the work and losing all means of subsistence and only socialism will save working against unemployment.
The same in Ukraine. Bourgeois press-voice of capitalists working says: "these separatists want to destroy your homeland and join Russia, deal with them," and they believe in it. Only here the motherland under capitalism the proletariat have not.
So work is going to kill the worker, instead of having to fight together against capitalists who oppressed and exploited. As called for by real Communists throughout history: "Workers of all countries unite!"