Transfer system (homework)

TRANSFER system, or Communist capital work at home-home for piece-rate processing fee Perera material, received leg from entrepreneur.

Transfer system as a form of capitalist exploitation occurs at all stages of the development of capitalism in the industry.

However, it is most characteristic of the manufacturing period. “Small farmers raising fisheries, and large machine industrialization Hannes, Lenin writes, is very easy to dispense with the work at home. Manufacturing same period development of capitalism — with the unshakable persistence context, an employee with the Earth, with Obi Liem small establishments around large — work but, it’s almost impossible to imagine without the hand work on houses “(Lenin, op, t. III, page. 343).

Steadily unfolding in the era of capitalism the process ruin small producers used the capitalists to work handing out home eco nomizirovat′ means of production, improve rule operation and lower wages to a minimum. Field operation races constantly expanded, home industry pre revolves to remote branch factories, MA nufaktury or commercial establishments, capital by invisible threads leads to DWI situation a whole army of home working, RAS sowed in big cities and in the villages.

The magnitude of the use of the transfer system in Tsarist Russia clearly illustrates the rationale should be prepared according to the table, taken from the book “Lenin Development capital faces in Russia»:

Crafts Number of establishments The number of workers
the Foundation Research Institute one hundred Rone
ABS in% ABS. in%
Felt in Kinešemskom u.  Kostroma lips. 28 593 56.4 458 43.6
Sundučnyj in Muromsk. u. Vladimir’s lips. 9 89 43.8 114 56.2
Squirrel in the Kargopol′sk. u. Olonets lips. 8 175 10.5 1675 89.5
A shoemaker’s in with. Kimry in Tver lips. 20 184 4.8 3602 95.2
Tannery in the town. Sarah Poole Vyatka lips. 6 214 16.5 1080 83.5

Transfer system represents the most heavy and from vratitel′nuû form a capitalist operation. “The so-called home labour, Marx writes, exploitation is even more shameless than in manufak round” (Marx, capital, vol. I, 8 Ed., 1930, page. 382-383).

The ability of workers to re tivleniû decreases their Division; between employers and workers a number of predatory middlemen intruding pests; extraordinary tea low pay has forced workers unduly lengthening the working day involve women and children, saving the expense of food, space, heating and other basic needs.

Availability of work bringing land and homes and eternal destitution due to irregular work, create conditions for subjugation.

Especially hard reflected transfer system where capitalist relations re pletaûtsâ with feudal remnants. In this case, transfer the system inevitably actuators dit to no prikrytomu enforcer. Board

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