Configuring Mystile template from Woothemes

Mystile one of the best free templates Woothemes team, has an original design. Among the advantages we can mention the display of full-width master page that corresponds to the current trends in Web design and is easily understood by visitors to your online store. Download mystile is available for free from the official website or without registration from here4545

Once a template is installed you need to install plugins woocommerce and saphali woocommerce.

Learn more about creating an online store I wrote in the article creating online store on wordpress.

If we want to display on the main page one static page, for example, with the merchandise page, then go to settings-read and select the desired display static page.
If we need to on the main page at first display featured products, then New, then leave the display of latest posts and let's go in Mystile-Theme options-Homepage-Woocommerce note ticked needed margins.


Display featured products-show featured products.
Display how many featured products? -Enter the required number of products to display.
Display recent products is to show new products.
Display how many recent products? -You must enter the number of new products

Tper′, let's go to the bottom and note Blog tab tick
Display latest blog posts-to display the entries on the main page.
As a result, we should be as follows: main page

Changing the color of the product price

To change the color of the price of the item, navigate to the template folder, open the style.css via notepad ++ editor and locate the line

. woocommerce-error: before {
content: "W";
color: # 808080;

Replace the value of the opposite color on any more. Pick a color scheme, you can use the Yandex
As a result, we changed the color of the price tag of the Red to gray.

priceEdit and remove the icon for "sale"

Open the style.css through notepade editor and go to the tab Advanced Search-Find type onsale

If we need to reduce the sale icon, delete or edit the position, top, right, as shown in the figure below.


In the end, we got the following:


To remove the icon, delete or edit the background for _background.

Customizing the master page from Sergey

Go to the Admin Panel Mystile-General settings-Display options and enter in Custom CSS code below
Customizing the image on main page

. homepage-banner {margin-bottom: 0px! important;}

Remove product search in the top menu

#top. wc-nav li. search input {display: none;}
width: 100%;
padding-left: 0;

size of pictures

. homepage-banner {width: 90.5%! important}

remove the point with pictures

.-homepage banner: after {display: none;}

Remove the site in wordpress comments

Go to the folder of your template-includes Mystile-theme-functions.php, find the following line (about 306) and delete:

' url ' = > '<p class="comment-form-url">' .
'<input id="url" class="txt" name="url" type="text" value="' . id="url" class="txt" name="url" type="text" value=""></input id="url" class="txt" name="url" type="text" value="' .> esc_attr ($comment['comment_author_url']er). "size =" 30 "/> '.
'<label for="url">' .</label> _ (' Website '). '' .


 How can I reset the checkout button or remove it altogether?

Open the folder that contains the template file header.php. Press the Ctrl and F simultaneously. The search box appears, enter the Checkout. Further presses the Enter key and you will see the highlighted word Checkout, which remove or change to another word, such as Payment.

How to translate a string items?

Line items need to edit in the mystile/incudes/theme-woocommerce.php template at the bottom of the item.

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