Welcome! My name is Dmitry Chempalov. I’m freelancing. Freelance is a remote job on a computer on the Internet.

On the YouTube channel “Freelancer” you will find lessons on WordPress, Woocommerce, SEO-promotion, Lunix and everything else that can be useful to a freelancer or an Internet marketer.


Sections of the site WordPress and SEO contains more than a hundred lessons on the popular platform for creating sites and online stores WordPress, as well as SEO-promotion on the Internet.

GNU / Lunix – the section is dedicated to free software.

Section “I study history”. Contains a collection of historical documents.


I never wanted to be a freelancer. In the city where I live a high unemployment, a lot of people leave the city, first of all those who have the opportunity, new enterprises are not built.

The work of a freelancer in some cases is reminiscent of cooperation, when the freelance exchange helps in finding customers and gives a job to a freelancer. For this takes, for example, at best 30% of earnings, and sometimes even half.

In most cases, freelancers, like all wage workers, are forced to look for work, selling themselves into wage slavery. Freelancer is not protected from the crises of overproduction, unemployment, he does not know whether the work will be tomorrow.

In 2016, I wrote a book “Freelancer for Socialism,” where I compared my life with the lives of my grandmothers, recently in a number of countries under the word socialism implies something negative and bad, it was forced to rename the book to “Freelancer from Siberia.”