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Add to card transfer in Wocoomerce using the WMPL

As I had to translate Internet-shop woocommerce for more than 20 languages. Some of the words were not simply add to cart.
Woocommerce sends us documentation wordpress

1), visit the wordpress website and download your language file, for example, Serbian
At the bottom of the page click on the export button.

2) will need to open the file in poedit and rename woocommerce-sr_RS. po and save. You should have two files appears woocommerce-sr_RS. Po and woocommerce-sr_RS.mo

3) throws the localization files in folder of your site/wp-content/languages/plugins
Refresh the page in the browser, displays the translation must


Possible problems: I ran into the same problem with debian lunix. First, after you save the file appear not MO poedit, and secondly, poedit installed via Wine generally has not earned. Had to work on windows ((